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"A house should grow in the same way that an artist's painting grows, a few dabs today, a few more tomorrow" -Mario Buatta

Are you looking to refresh one or more rooms of your home?  Need those last couple pieces to complete your space? Having trouble making decisions or pulling the trigger on décor dilemmas? Moving into a new home and feeling overwhelmed?  Looking for some advice or that extra push to get things started (or done!)??


While many people love design, or at least a warm, beautiful home, not many have the experience or time to execute their vision.  It’s easy to get “stuck” on a room and/ or decisions regarding our homes.  Additionally, many people want to be an active part of the process but don’t know where to begin.  That’s where I step in! 


As a designer, I love creating beautiful spaces that are both meaningful and comfortable.  My work at a former design firm, as well as renovating my own 100-year-old home, has expanded my knowledge regarding a variety of design aesthetics. I would love to share my passion and expertise with those looking to take an active role in designing their home. 


This is not a full-scale design service, but provides many of the same benefits for a fraction of the cost of traditional design firms.  Following an in-home consultation, you will be provided a personalized design plan in which you are able to pick and choose what you would like to proceed with.  Based on what you decide you may execute accordingly, allowing you to spearhead your project while catering to your time and budget.

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